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Dreadlocks, Dreadlock Extensions, Dreadlock Products and Dreadlock Maintenance

At Turning Heads we offer our clients the latest technique in making dreadlocks or having dreadlock extensions. We stock and use deadhead, knotty boy, monkey locks and global hair extension products for all your dreadlock maintenance.


Dreadlocks originated in ancient times and were worn by various people including ancient Egyptians, ancient Asian emperor's to cavemen. Dreadlocks were documented in 1800BC in the Veda scriptures of Indian and is said to be the first writing. Worn by many people and different tribes such as the Germans, the Greeks and the pacific. King Tut wore dreadlocks and still today they are still in place. One particular tribe the Mau Mau tribe wore dreadlocks and this was to intimidate colonizers of Kenya in east Africa. The word dreadlocks derives from the meaning fear and horror which originally came from Jamaica.

Dreadlocks and the maintenance of this particular hairstyle can be misunderstood.

Here are a few common myths to this popular hairstyle:

All dreadlocks are dirty.

Before having dreadlocks put in, your hair should be washed and cleaned and free from any shampoo residue then air dried.

You can't wash dreadlocks

By not washing your dreadlocks at least once a week is the best way to ruin them.

Not combing your hair is the way to make dreadlocks.

False. Cavemen made dreadlocks by the neglect method, meaning they didn't do anything to their hair, which took up to a year to achieve and still didn't look like the dreadlocks you can have today. There are several natural methods used in achieving dreadlocks which do not damage the hair.

Is special shampoo required?

Yes, in maintaining dreadlocks you need a shampoo free of scents and residue. Residue is what is left behind in the hair after shampooing or from other products. The dread locking process is slowed down when residue builds up; this lubricates the hair making it difficult for the hair to tighten. Residues can also grow mould inside the dreadlocks. We recommend dreadheadhq shampoo there is no residue and it is free of conditioners to stop your dreads from growing mould. Aagh!!!


  • Dreadlock maintenance is relatively low and simple and does not require anymore maintenance compared to normal hair. However there are a few things you need to bare in mind.
  • Your dreads ideally should be washed every 2-3 days to keep them looking good and smelling nice. Dreads can be left longer however they must be washed once a week.
  • Use a shampoo that will not leave any residue in the hair and allow it to be air dried. We recommend from our preferred supplier dreadheadhq shampoo.
  • Only wax your dreads when they are dry. Squeeze any excess water from the hair and wrap in a towel for about 10 minutes. Dry and warm the dreads with a blow dryer and then wax this will help settle them down. Only a small amount of wax is required just to hold the loose hairs down. During the first 3 weeks just use a small amount and work it in completely and thoroughly before moving onto the next dread.
  • For further information on dreadlocks and pricing you can contact us to arrange an appointment.

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